Thursday, November 10, 2011

Week 1: Cassoulet

Another great favorite of mine is Cassoulet.  I love this, to me this recipe is excellent for comfort in the fall, but also gives me the grown up version of beans and weenies. This is really a great recipe for any bean, even cranberry beans.  This recipe is a version of the original put out by the WW recipe mill.

To keep your points low, use the low-fat turkey smoked sausage.  If you do, this recipe will  serve 4 with 6 points per serving.  Also, if you are not using canned beans then portion out 4 servings from dry beans and prepare them to use.  If you want a quick way to prepare them, go here.

Also check this out for some more great recipes for using beans!

I hope this helps you, if you are looking for ways to add more fiber to your life with a yummy flavor.  For us, beans are a favorite in my house.


  1. Thanks! This sounds so good too! I've actually got some sausage in the freezer now- maybe we can try this this weekend. :) If we do, I'll let you know how it goes.

  2. Great! I love having your input for dishes. I have been stuck in a rut for cooking. So your motivation is very helpful!

  3. I spend a lot of time browsing the web looking at recipe sites and blogs. I probably save one recipe a week, as most that appeal to me I know won't appeal to my bf. I like spicy. I like quite a few vegetarian dishes. I love Mediterranean food. Him? He can't stand any of those things, so I save that stuff for me alone when he's at work.

    One thing that does catch my eye in a recipe is when I can see right away how it could be made to a lower-points version. I'm rarely good at following directions, and really end up winging it a lot of the time. If it turns out well, I write down my changes before I forget them.

    One of my goals I want to work towards next year is cooking three new to me recipes each week. The hard part in that will be staying away from desserts and sweets.

  4. debs, I was thinking of you. After thanksgiving, I am going to start posting WW christmas cookies! These are awesome cookies. Mt fav is Cinnamon-Raisin Rugalach!

    I love spicy, comfort, bean heavy, veggie lovin', meat for flavor dishes. My husband, meat, meat, meat, some veggies, and rice. Then with the kids, I am in a whole other story. I found if I am having a tough time, I have to stick with food separate, i.e., no mixed things that are hard to maintain points within the portion.
    Good luck! I plan to post my success by the week.

  5. We're trying our this recipe today. I'll post my comments on it at the end of the day/when I get up tomorrow. :)

    Cookies! I cannot have cookies in the house at all. I binge on them horribly. Chips don't do it for me, I can easily count a few and leave it at that, but cookies? No way. I have no self control.