Saturday, January 8, 2011

Freezing beans!

So after a few lessons from, I got about 4 pounds of beans and got them ready to freeze today.  I bought navy, red, and northern beans.  These are beans that we typically eat a lot of.  I did get the navy, because everyday food storage


DSC08467 DSC08468 DSC08469

When I froze them, I put them into 1 cup portions in sandwich bags.  I then put the sandwich bags in a 1 gallon freezer bag.  This way, they are all together and I can be cheap and not have to waste a freezer bag on each portion.


Now that I am posting this, I am making my second batch.  We already ran through this one.



  1. I have tagged you on my blog and awarded you the Stylish Blogger. Come check it out!

  2. Trish, do you have an suggestions for good bean recipes? Thru the produce co-op we're part of, I purchased 4 pounds of cranberry beans but no idea what to do with them.