Thursday, March 3, 2011

Flogging my home sewn purses


Here is my first ever flog!  I decided to start flogging, since I do not have much time.  Of course, my 1st one is about 12 minutes.  hopefully, you will still love me.

Homespun threads for the diaper bag: All of her patterns are free.  She has an awesome bible cover pattern.

Kat at Kaydeebunz that is a notorious inspiration to me!

sew Mama, sew has the free Amy Butler pattern:  Sew mama, sew has a nice collection of tutorials and patterns for FREE.

I think that is everything I said I would link.  If you are local and wanted to know about me working at the cow, head over to to see what all that is about.

Please let me know if you liked my unedited, basic flog.  And if I should continue.

Have a great day!


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  1. YEAH!!! Im FAMOUS!! (and yelling..sorry!!) Woot woooooootttttt!!!! Loves ya! :)