Friday, November 11, 2011

WW Week 1: hearty breakfast

For me, breakfast is the make or break me meal of the day.  If I am not satisfied, the day is going to go down hill for making good decisions on what to eat.  This is my go to meal in the morning.  It is 1 cup of steamed potatoes and 2 eggs for a total of 6 points.

 The potatoes are not fried.  Today I am using left over potatoes from dinner. I have a tupperware steaming container, i.e., sealed container with a vent.  I dice the potatoes and season with my favorite all spice.  Then I microwave them for about 8 minutes, depending on how much I have in there.  On mornings I do not have left overs, I dice up 1 small red potato (only 1 point), microwave for about 5.  Then spray some cooking spray and brown.  ta da. Now this is when I will add chopped green onions, like today.  Or chopped tomatoes, green peppers, or any other zero point veggie.

One thing to be aware of.  I love salsa.  I added 2 Tbsp of salsa for zero points and then was in horror when I figured out that those little spoonfuls had 1/6 my daily sodium intake.  This is why I use salsa type veggies in my potatoes and not salsa.  That sodium will mess with your head and scale.  Too much and you are retaining water like a camel and the scale will show it.  One gallon of water is 8 lbs on the scale.  Besides it is horrible for your body in so many other ways.  So stick with fresh.

For me, I feel satisfied and like I am not on a diet.  Besides, when the diet is over, this is a lifestyle choice I would still enjoy to have every morning.  Thus, helping me to keep the weight off.  And for me, losing the weight isn't the problem, it's keeping it off.


  1. "And for me, losing the weight isn't the problem, it's keeping it off."

    Yup. Been there. A year and a half ago I was at 196 pounds. Then for who knows what reason, I went off plan, and over the next year or so, it trickled back on, the last of it coming on in a big scary gob in a few months.

    This time I am going to stick with it. I am going to reach my goal weight. I am going to keep it off!

  2. That is what I fell into was the points + was a diet but the old points was a lifestyle for me. So it all came back on from the plus program. I guess it is all about your preference to eating. If you are a protein lover at heart and could pass on the carbs than points+ is more of a lifestyle.