Friday, November 18, 2011

Thanksgiving -WW recipes

As I finish my first week on plan, I am in epic failure mode.  Hmm, a small trip has turned my efforts into drive thru madness. as thanksgiving is fastly approaching, I am building my arsenal to be prepared with low point options at the dinner table.  I have held onto these recipes for some time and they can be a true lifesaver for just knowing what I can eat and how much versus adventuring into the unknown.

My first is the Weight Watcher Bread Stuffing.  Please be aware that this will not look, smell or taste like diet food.  It is very probable that it may be consumed by all guest and not just the dieting ones.

Now I do enjoy the Weight watcher Cranberry Walnut Relish.  Besides just being pretty, it makes me feel as though I have a since of culinary gourmet affluence.  Hmm, which I do not, but it is fun to pretend.

My ultimate comfort food, has got to be the mashed potatoes.  No reason to skimp on taste with this dish.  Adding the garlic and thyme brings a well deserved pop of flavor to every bite. 

Weight watchers has always been wonderful at making the meal more than just a diet, but a lifestyle and an occasion.  Always adding to your menu fresh foods and staying to natural and less processed foods, makes every meal healthy and delicious.  Most of all, almost every weight watcher recipe I have found to add to my life is usually straight forward and easy.  But most of all, do able without a special cooking class.
Have a great thanksgiving.


  1. That dressing sounds so good! We've got some random boxed stuff bf is making this year. Tastes great, but I'm afraid to check the label haha. I suggested chopping u some apples to add to ours but he wouldn't go for it.

  2. Hey that is a good start, trying to add apples. To bad you can't get a small portion and add to it. Because you can add all the other good stuff to a full portion and feel as though you are having twice as much. I just found a baked butter bean with mustard recipe that looks divine. You really can use any white bean, even the cranberries. I plan to test it and then post it.

  3. LOL I like to randomly add stuff to other things, mostly to see what happens. Making hamburger helper and suddenly have extra guests? Add some diced potatoes! It instantly feeds twice as many!

    Do let me know about that bean recipe. I've never liked butter beans (my mom used to cook them a lot and I'd pick out a bowlful of ham and mix it with cornbread and butter lol) but if it passes muster I'd try it with some other bean instead.

  4. Hey Trish! Everything okay out there? I've missed your words lately. :)