Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Week 1: Beef Stroganoff

See the WW, hmm, after all my success I am back onto weight watchers.  The new points plus made me lose it quick, but it came right back on.  So after a week kicking the idea that I needed to start again, last night I made the commitment.

So in search of a refresher I found Debra at Losing it!  Who is sharing day by day her efforts to be on plan.  She was a bunch of inspiration for me and I do suggest you check her out.  For the love of good food, I wanted to share this recipe for stroganoff. When I first started weight watchers almost ten years ago, this recipe was my go to for comfort.

My recipe card is a 5by7.  I love printing them at the photo lab and laminating them.  I use storybook creator and this layout is made from Creative Memories Rugged Outdoors Digital Addition.

This recipe comes from one of the best weight watcher, original points plan, cookbooks. I hope you enjoy.

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