Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Sunrise to a daydreaming weekend.


This is just before 7 am going over the bridge leaving home for the weekend, almost alone.  Almost, because my shadow #4 goes with me everywhere.  Got food in the boob and will travel.  so I loaded up for a 3 hour drive to attend a bridal shower and came back the following afternoon.

It was so amazing and refreshing to be on the move so early in the morning and to drive in almost silence that i had to take a picture of the sun coming up to share.  The part I loved the most about this adventure was the quietness of driving.  And I mean quiet.  Even with the radio blaring, it was still quiet in comparison with the ciaos I live.

The time was a saturation of my thoughts that allowed them to move and grow without interruption.  My thoughts slowly covered and engulfed my dreams and desires for my family, children, and husband.  My goals were noted for the long term and the short term needs were viewed in a more  critical light, versus just in the motion.  For once in a longtime, I was not having to go through the motions.  I could think about the motions I do everyday and consider what I could change for the better.

I spent the next 48 hours moving slow and with a smile. Grueling was the realization that I am so caught up in the task and effort that my day takes, I often forget to smile, (note to self is to start smiling).  I evaluated me as mom, wife, daughter, and child of God.  Took inventory on what needed to changes and smiled at what I was getting right.  Took the time to emotionally let go of any recent baggage I have emotionally acquired and dusted off the trunks in long term storage.  Emptied a few bags and smiled.

I thought and dreamed about this coming year and the next 10, then the 5 years after that and then the lifetime that I will have when my children will be adults.  I prayed. Prayed for their success, their love, their spouse, their children.

I talked to God. I called a friend. Had a chat with me.  I had no idea how a long quiet car ride can set the soul at ease. I hope not to wait to long for the next.


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