Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Kicking off the homes-cool year

DSC06573 So today was the first day of school in our area. So today would have been the huge time honored mom and child bonding crying your eyes out event of leaving your sweet child at some desk with their name on it and trying to figure out what to do for the next 5-6 hours.

Well not for this family, we went to a play.  Not just any play, a dinner theater show.  How nice a buffet lunch and a desert bar all before the show. All of the kids went, even #4 sat in for the show. The children loved it.


I am glad that we went though.  I always knew I wanted to homeschool, even before having children.  I might have started selling it to my husband once we got home from the honeymoon.  even still, I get nervous.  No one in my family has ever homeschooled before.  SO I am walking on new ground for me.  Thankfully my mom, which is funny because it was never a consideration for her, is 100% behind me.  I think she is loving the lack schedule and the ability to talk me into an adventure with the kids.  (She is already planning a weekend “fieldtrip” to a huge museum)

so apart of me was sad not to have the whole shopping and consuming adventure of clothes, lunchboxes, school supplies.  Or the nerves and the excitement of somewhere new.  The pretty desk with the name at the top.  The colorful room. And yet I am thankful not to have those experiences too.  I know being home with my kids and getting the blessing of homeschooling them is gift.  I know if I was working, my heart would be mourning over the missed opportunity to be homeschooling them.  If I had them in school, I would be wishing I could be teaching them my way, and would probably be a teachers worst nightmare of a parent.  I love being involved with their learning and given half the chance I will end up engrossed in someone else's’ kid’s learning.  So I know I am on the right path, but it doesn’t mean I am not nervous.

So we skipped the first day jitters and went to a play.  What is cool, is that I will scrapbook this as a fieldtrip!  Eat your heart out!  This family does supercool stuff and calls it schooling!


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