Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Family bento style


I found this little bad boy in Target being clearance off.  It is a cute bento box and it is big enough for the family to have an outing. So I had to try it out. the blue bowls are open and the green bowls are separated into 3 compartments.


I served tropical fruit cocktail, ritz crackers with cream cheese and a salmon spread. Cookies, raisins, and fruit snack.  I included the fork picks to eat the fruit with and a spoon for the spreads.  I also had a towelette for each of us.


The kids loved it.  I had a few impressed onlookers.  I packed the container in a insulated grocery cooler with a jug of cold water and container of lemon aid with the towels packed around it (we went to the fountains).  The water and lemonaid kept the food cold while we did our errands in the morning.


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