Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bulk Produce


I might be guilty of having a love for buying in bulk.  There is just something about buying 100 tomatoes that gets me giddy!


So the other day I went to the farmers market.  It is like a whole other world there. You can buy from market stands.


Out of the back of trucks


you can buy in quantities of one thing or 1 box.  So I got excited and went shopping.  A little too much.  Thankfully, I only had one kid, I had to rearrange the seating.


I bought 2 boxes of corn, 5 boxes of tomatoes, 1 box of peppers and 5 watermelons for about $60.  Let me say!  WHAT WAS I THINKING!  Way too much to put away.  I ended up putting up the corn and 1 box of tomatoes.  The rest was handed out and I did buy 2 boxes of it for my MIL and mom and split the peppers.  BUT still, I got 4 kids and one on a ninni!  How did I think that I could put food up.


Oh but I loved the smell of those peppers and tomatoes. YUM!  But at the end of the week, it made me realize that I needed to keep things simpler.  SO no clothe diapers, no homemade wipes, no bulk preparation.  I am going as easy as possible and maintaining health.  So SAM’s Club here I come.


PS I think I am going back, I love the freshness.  Maybe neck week.

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