Friday, July 16, 2010

MFW-K Lesson 1 – Sun

Jesus is the light of the world.
We are off and running on our Kindergarten program.  The week long unit study proved to be a hit.  We kicked it off with the library to collect our material.
We did 2 of our lessons late at night because we spent the day at the theater or mimi’s.
Books we used:
DSC06625 DSC06626
Field trip:
Cinderella Play
Crafts we did:
This is after 3 days.  We have been having some cloudy days.  The kids have been noting that they are getting soft, smaller, and changing color.  I have been keeping a fresh grape to compare.
DSC06627 DSC06631
we did 2 different sundials to see which is better, strictly for mommy’s curiosity.  Instead of using a pencil and clay as the instructions said, I used a skewer stick and a hole on cardstock paper. You can see the shadow on the paper, this is at 2 pm.  I made my paper 6 in by 6 in and was able to cover it with a 5 gallon bucker.
I did this style from the instructions on The shadow was not as defined as the stick. Plus it was 12 in by 12 in and not easy to cover.  As you can see, it was no longer affective after the rain.
DSC06618 DSC06620
Noodle art
Printables I used/considered:

Handling the other littles:
#2 (age 4) did the first 2 days and the today’s, but sat out the rest of the week.  Mostly because of being too tired.  When he is joining us, he is loving it.
#3 (age 2) For this first week, I made sure she was sleeping. Sometimes she was up to allowable craziness.
#4 (9weeks) fussed here and there.  On day 1, while we were going through information about the sun, she started a screaming fit that lasted an hour.  I had only been through 1 book, but I had a VHS from the library about the sun, so I popped that in and excused myself.
I am grateful for this week and that we did get started.  We are not entirely prepared with being organized yet but we will get there.  I had several defining moments of ohh, yes, this is why we are homeschooling and a meltdown by mommy when I found the mud on the side of the house.
I was terrified that my children would be uneager or even unwilling. I think the change up on activities and not doing the same phonics montra day after day was a success.  The phonics is about 10-15 different activities that only have you doing about 5 each day and they change  on the day.  I like that we will have a routine with the phonics with our activities and after a while it should feel like an old hat for me.
I am really happy to finish the week  positively.  I am extremely tired and fussy with trying to implement a cleaning routine, homeschooling, and nursing the baby.  I am even considering to start supplementing just to have more energy.  She is not keeping me up at night, but I keep waking up more exhausted everyday.

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