Monday, June 7, 2010

House Rules


I finally got motivated to post the rules in our home.  Now, I feel a bit bad as a parent to finally post them, but well, if you can’t read what does it matter?  Well, I am realizing that I need them to keep me consistent. This is not really my great idea for the saying our rules or a cute way to post them.  A while back I seen something similar and saved the pic for later.  Now I have no idea where I found it, but I loved it enough to copy it.  I hope this will keep us on the right track and being able to follow through. 

I posted a couple of copies around the house.  My colorful one, I used scrapbook paper to jazz it up.  I hope to get a piece of wood to modge podge it to and make it something cute for my house.  here is the original that I wish I could give credit to its creator.


If you know who created, let me know, so I can give them credit.


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