Wednesday, June 9, 2010

When the day just doesn’t start off right.


Enough said!

Yah right, like that is all I would say.  Well, I just might be a little hormonal.  Not too bad, pretty mild for me, but I am FREAKING OUT HERE PEOPLE!  Well, no not that bad.  Lets see, I have already public apologized for being me, see earlier post on Miss Bossy pants.  I have thrown myself to the Homeschool moms forum that I might be inadequate, because I can’t get myself into a routine with my children, even though I have a 4 week old attached.  Miss Type A is trying to take over again, I must STOP her!


Well, the blessing in homeschooling year round is that you can take time off.  So seeing that I have a newborn, I am attempting no curriculum progress for another 2 months.  So I believe that would make our unit study start date august 10th. Hmm, that is my wedding anniversary.  Well, I better keep the poppa happy, no rice dinner for him, we might start the following week.  I do want to keep them learning, almost unconstructively, so here is what I plan to mildly work with them on:

  1. Monthly Calendar (got all the pieces from the Dollar Tree)
  2. Numbers
  3. Alphabet
  4. Weather
  5. Lots of reading (We will be exceeding our limit at the Library this summer)

I plan to do all this with games and nothing too structured.  I might even throw in some file folder games that I already have made up.  I did find a neat blog Confessions of a homeschooler, she has a ton of ideas that I might have to copy from.  I love the use of her workboxes and it makes me want to try them.  But then again it goes into me trying to do too much.  For this summer, I am trying to keep it simple.

Oh, so what better way to keep it simple than to make a few goals for the summer.  I am trying to keep it to a minimum here folks, but I am a task master and if I do not have a list I will never get it done, the traits of a reformed/rehabilitated procrastinator. So here are my plans/goals.

  1. Potty Train #3 (I really should say, coheirs my darling husband into training her, like he did for the last one)
  2. rebuild my wardrobe by making, thrift, or refashioning.
  3. Recover my nasty ashtray chair, so it will be useable.
  4. Take the kids to see my sisters
  5. See a play with the kids
  6. Take the kids to a Museum
  7. Start making my Christmas gifts (also meaning I have a list made on the who and what)
  8. Work on building a routine (maybe that we just play school between 10-noon), engrain the rules, distribute chores.

I think 8 items for the next 2-3 months is reasonable.  I am so excited, I will have to make a list on sidebar to show them and cross them off as I go.  Sounds like a reasonable, I am not letting the “Type A missy have a mile, but I will give her an inch” thing to do.  I will even try not to add to it, but I can not make any promises.

I am excited, I wrote this last night.  I just found out that you can go to and sign up to 6 kids to bowl 2 free games this summer until the end of August.  For $25 you sign up 4 adults to join in on those free games.  How awesome is that!  So I am happy to be adding a little fun to our summer at little cost to us.


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