Monday, June 7, 2010

Baby Bonnet – Simplicity 3840


Years ago, I was at a moms meeting and a new mom showed up with a very similar hat on her baby.  I instantly loved it, but I guess we did not click, because I think I chased her badgering her for more information on the bonnet so I could make one too.  I did fudge one and made a pattern for #3.  Well, I found this pattern at a simplicity pattern sale.  Now I bought this after I swore off any more children, so my mom scratched her head on why I would still buy it.  But I had to have it.


I used all the scraps I could find to make this one.  It came together quick.  There are 2 pieces to cut, first you cut 2 layers of fabric and 1 of interfacing.  The second, is the overlay.  I almost skipped the overlay, but decided to try it any how.  I love it, it makes it so cute. Now the nice part about this pattern is this specific pattern gives you the pattern for each size.  How nice that I did not have to be stuck making a copy of the pattern.  I will say, I did not bother reading the instructions.  I just threw it together.


I cannot wait for her tiny head to get bigger and for her to be able to hold it up on her own.  She will be the cutest.  Yes, I did put this on her to model while she was sleeping.  That is what proud mommas do.


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  1. Remind me again why I didnt buy the bonnet pattern???? ITS ADORABLE!