Monday, June 7, 2010

Bean bag numbers!

Traveling through a new blog last night, I found the coolest little project.  So I had to make it.



I found Sarah at Create Studio where she has a ton of great ideas.  She made similar bean bag numbers, using rice.  She has the templates for you to print off to make your own.

Now I found her somewhere after midnight, between all night blog crawling and a nursing session.  I had to quietly search the porch for extra scraps of fabric.  I had that cut before I went to sleep and spent a little time here and there to stitch them.  They are raveled edges, which made them very easy to put together.  Now, as I filled them with rice, I knew why you need to use rice.  Beans will not fit.

So hopefully, my children will enjoy them and learn their numbers. Just in case you ever wondered how I get things done.   Well, this is what my computer sees when I am blogging.  I took this picture using my webcam.

Snapshot_20100607 (1)



  1. Trish, Glad you enjoyed the project! They turned out beautifully! Thanks for reading!
    -Sarah from Create Studio