Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Onion dicing, 10 lbs at a time


My mom swears by this little gadget.  See the gallon of onions, they are all uniformly diced and it took me about 45 minutes to do 10 lbs.  Of course, this is with the occasional interruptions and nursing a baby and trying to get to tumbling in a rainstorm and just deciding to go back to the onions.  With mom out of town and her onion chopper all alone for the weekend and me having all these onions to do, I went over to her house in the silence and snagged it.

This thing is awesome and will be a must have or totally barrowed from.  All I did was pealed and quarter the onions and then put them on the grid, push the top down and done!

Clean up on this thing was marginal effort.  I checked them out at JCPenny’s are this gadget runs between $20-30.


I just wanted to share the gadget that saved me time and tears.  Oh yah, I did no crying in the chopping of these onions.



  1. That is the coolest!! Now I want one. The post with your 2 youngest babies is precious!! You are truly blessed!

  2. Cool! I always wondered if those really worked. :)