Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sweetness of 2 sisters


Isn’t this just adorable.  #3 is constantly looking out for #4.  If she doesn’t have a blanket, she is dragging one from somewhere through the house to get it for her.  #3 is always giving little pecks on the head with a good swap of a pat afterwards. 

I am most impressed with #3, for the fact that this girl would not be easily described as gentle.  She tumbles, jumps and can make the strongest, roughest water seem like ripples.  BUT when it comes to her new sister, she is soft spoken, tender, and loving.  Then in 4 split seconds the terror unleashes ciaos and mayhem to the rest of her siblings.

I feel so blessed to have #4, not just for the joys that she has already given me in the past 2 weeks, but also the joy to see other sides of my children that only she will invoke. 

Each child I have had is like another window being open to bring light into a different corner of my other children’s being.  I feel amazed to learn and see all their wonders that God has made them to be.



  1. So very sweet and tender are the moments between them. I miss that, a lot! Good luck with your home school efforts. I am sure you can do it. You seem like a gal that can do pretty much anything when you get your mind set on it. XO, Mimi