Sunday, May 30, 2010

Good Morning Breakfast


Is this not the cutest set of eyes to make breakfast for? 


I just wanted to share our morning breakfast table with you.  This was breakfast of eggs, grits, and sausage and Orange Juice from the freezer section.  My husband makes fun of me for getting them to eat grits, especially since I was a grit hater growing up.  I am not sure why my dad never gave them to me with butter and american cheese on a plate with fried catfish? This was all it took to be a grit lover.  The simple truth, why my kids are asked to eat them, they are cheap and easy.

I just really wanted to touch base with you because I am not done cooking yet.  It is not because it is a long process, I just never want to get started.  I start about the time I should be preparing dinner and then I will do 2 different meals in that time and bag them up.  I really need to get motivated and finish before my cooked food goes bad.

Alright, I am off to cook.


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