Sunday, May 30, 2010

OAMC June Cooking Event




  1. Prepped Tuna casserole, minus noodles and froze.
  2. Bought ingredients at Walmart
  3. Made myself crazy by showing up at Sams 3 minutes after they closed
  4. Had pitty party in parking lot, went to Joanns to make list of patterns I want for the big sale on friday as a since of therapy.



  1. Buy the remaining ingredients at Sam’s.
  2. Found the source of the mysterious smell in the Van.
  3. Pre-warned the Manager of JoAnns that I will be there when the doors open on friday with all 4 kids.  (He is the new manager, I figured the least I can do is prepare him.)
  4. Cut onions
  5. Cook ground beef.
  6. Slice beef roast (I bought stew meat instead, Sams stew meat is all the cut offs from the steaks and is high quality) and brown.


  1. Boil chicken, cool, debone, bag meat up.  Save broth.


  1. Make pasta sauce.
  2. Chop celery and slice mushrooms.
  3. Make and freeze beef stroganoff
  4. Make Beef tips and Freeze.


  1. Soak beans
  2. Hit the Memorial Sale at JoAnns for $1/yd fabric, follow with library,
  3. Undercook the beans.
  4. Make and freeze Creamy Chicken
  5. Make and Freeze Jambalaya
  6. Make and freeze Red beans and Rice

By the end of the weekend everything was finished.  I had some distractions that kept me off task, I provided you with them to show you that it really isn’t a daunting task.  I may have some attention problems right now.

I ended up with 29 meals in the freezer.  I skipped the tuna patties, because I took too long to get to the rest of the tuna.  I feared for the safety of it.  Every night that I prepped the meals, I pulled a bit a side for dinner that night, so I really got 45 extra meals on top of the ones in the freezer.

I skipped all the pasta and rice.  I am going to make the rice and pasta the day of, to save time prepping them and to save room in the freezer.  Some things I did not mix well.  Like the bean recipes, I divided the beans out the day before and had them in the zip lock bags and then the next day I mixed the remaining ingredients and added them in after the fact.

Things to consider on the lazy lasagna and cheeseburger pasta.  Do not make your arms hurt, cut the the velveeda and cream cheese up and put them at the bottom of the ziplock.  Then mix remaining ingredients and pour on top.  My arms are killing me.  And add the shredded cheese last when mixing.  It is very difficult to mix shredded cheese when you multiplied the recipe by 4.

Another Note about my recipes.  The creamy Chicken can use a little something.  I figured it would be a meal requiring sides, I think it needs vegetables in it.  Over the next few times I make it, I will figure out what to add.

Now my future bulk cooking will not be this intense.  I just had to get caught up from not bulking for a while.  After next week (when I get paid again), I plan to bulk cook 1-2 meals each week.  My thought is if I am putting in 6-7 meals into the freezer each week than I should always have 30 meals in the freezer.  Than I will not have another hard wallet hit, like this week.  I think I am going to have to get a payday loan from my husband, I might be short by about $10, $45 if I have to get diapers.  (On that side note, I better get my laundry caught up, to clothe diaper).

Email me with any questions you have. If you bulk cook, link me to your blog.  This post took me all week to write.  I am excited to be done cooking and start sewing.  I got a new skirt pattern and wonderful $1 yard fabric to use.


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