Wednesday, May 5, 2010

In the hen house.


So what is the best thing to be doing at 39+ weeks prego, paint a hen house of course.  The kids loved it and we even attracted the neighbors to help.  I did build this with the help of my husband and neighbor.  I got all excited when I seen them on, I knew I had to build one.  The house is a mixture of left over colors from the house.  Some of it is from a bedroom, mosre from the kitchen.  We just opened old cans and everyone grabbed a brush!

DSC06626 DSC06627

As you can see, everyone painted!  Even the 2 year old. Can you see the huge amount of paint on her brush!  I was trying to get her to paint the base!

  DSC06624 DSC06628  

What I love most is great neighbors.  Especially the kind that says “I DONT PAINT”, but can’t resist the paint brush.  We are always blessed to have them as our neighbors.

So here it is.  The lift is again thanks to my neighbor, he figured it was too heavy for me to lift.  This is just a simple design made from scraps. Of course, %1 is still painting the underneath.


I have 2 hen boxes for the girls to lay eggs. I still have several months.   And the other picture is the opening.

DSC06632 DSC06633 

Of course, we had a few other things painted, like noses.  I did put #2 and #3 to work cleaning brushes, but then they were off bathing themselves in the paint bucket.

DSC06635 DSC06630

All I could think of, as my husband griped about having to clean the brushes was Amy’s post about the top 10 reasons to have a large family, #1 -  THEY SURE ARE FUN.

Yes, we would have had a great time even with 2 or 1 kids in the paint bucket, but having 3 just made it crazier that you could not stop laughing as paint was being slung from brush to house.


I did get said paint off all of them, before sending them to bed.  Said brushes, no.


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