Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New purse day!

Trying to keep it easy, I figured I would sit around my mom’s house for the day.  With her huge craft room and amazing stash of fabric, it is always hard to not just sit and make SOMETHING!  Well, yesterday I knew I had had enough of my purse and I was ready for a new one.

I had watched the Sewing with Nancy last week on PBS.  She was making purses and using a template as a pattern.  Well, I decided that doing it her way is a really quick and easy method.  It gave a very nice finished product.  I also added some hardware for the first time.  I added a magnet snap to close it.  I added a latch to hold my keys and 2 D-rings for the strap.


DSC06132 DSC06133


How much do you love the flower?  Love it!  This was shown at the Stampin’ Up Convention that a few demonstators came back to share.  This is created with a flower Sizzix die cut. 

You cut 4 of each size you want in fabric.  Iron the flowers in half and then layer the 4 flowers and hot glue in the middle.  Then you layer and glue the different sizes together.  Cut more flowers out of toile. (hope that is the right word.  No idea how to spell the webbing stuff, sounds like tool but I think it is with a w).  Then you tuck it in between the layers.  I added a rhinestone.  Making the flower took about 5 minutes, it took longer to heat the glue gun.


I am excited to have such a cute purse.  This is the best one I have made yet.  At first, I was not excited about the fabric, but I am so glad I did.  I will be making more in the future for my personal collection.


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  1. VERY cute bag! Great job! I stumbled upon your blog through "Life in a Shoe" Good luck on your upcoming birth!!