Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Making Re-useable Baby Wipes


well, not for the faint of heart.  No I would not want to scare you, it is really not a big deal.  I have had many times, in a pinch, that I just went for a wash clothe when I was out of wipe.  This cheapo, sometimes needs a little courage to spend the money I have on something to throw away.  I despise paper towels, paper plates, disposable diapers, wipes,  paper cups, you name it.  It seems like a huge waste of money.

Now there was a day I did live by these things.  Well with a 4th coming, there better be a well justified convenience.   So we are using paper stuff, for now, because I am prego.  It has probably been at least a year since paper plates were in my house, except for birthday parties.

On my little blog crawling I was telling you about, I found a neat little website about making baby things.  One of which, was home made washable wipes.  These things are a snap to make.  I used flannel fabric I had and an old t-shirt. Eww, all my old treehuggin’ friends would love the reuse.  I pumped 10 out in about an hour and a half, while I was saving the chicks from the curiosity of a new 4 year old and calming the fires of sibling rivalries (all in a days work of super mom).

They are 8 inches by 8 inches, 2 flannel squares sandwiches between a square knit (this is where the old t-shirt came in).  I used this flannel, because I have a lot of it and I thought it best to keep the wipes to one design to make them easier to pick out in the wash.

Now I had to make them with finished edges, because I have become very obsessed with my edged in the past year.  I guess the growing maturity in my stitching.  Usually I do not care.  My mom and I have a joke, she makes things pretty and amazing and I just get my stuff done.  So She might have these amazing items she has made, but I have a ton more stuff finished and in use.

Here is the blog that I was inspired by:

She has a lot of other tutorials that I plan to make use of.   I actually have already considered them for washing my face, they have a wonderful softness to them.  as I go through old t-shirts, I will make more for my stash.

Hope this is helpful or just another insight to my craziness!


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