Friday, April 9, 2010

My pets makes me breakfast!


This is the true reason I have chickens.  Back to being the ultimate cheapo! 

I have a free range hen and she likes to hide her eggs.  But we found her. 

She is a bit of my challenge.  She went free range about 8 months ago.  Since then, she has been laying eggs for my neighbors, frustrating me, since I am feeding her and she is feeding the neighbors!

Well, we found them!  Yeah!  Especially, when eggs can range about $2.40 a dozen, this was sure glee!

I was so excited!  We had them for breakfast already and I must say, yum!  She lays us eggs that are half yoke! So even when you dilute them with milk, the scrambled eggs still are yellower than regular white eggs scrambled.

I am not sure what type of chicken she is and she likes to hide from me.  She has extra toes and has a bit of a fluff style to her. I am not sure if it is her bread that creates these eggs or is it the benefit of good organic free range eggs.  Either way, she is a great pet.


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