Thursday, April 29, 2010

Graffiti Learning


So in an attempt to give my children a creative outlet as I continue to move ever so slowly through my day, I had them take the Benderoos out.  Well, if you do not know what benderoos are, they are literally colored wax string that you can twist into all kinds of things.  To the delight of my children, they soon discovered that they also stick to the walls.

My initial self was “PLEASE DON’T”  Thinking of we is it that they must make more work for me, but I was soon overtaken with, maybe it will be peaceful for the next hour.  As they went to town plastering wax balls all over the wall, it was mommy look, mommy is this a letter, did I make a word.  Well, hmm, my homeschool portion said, lets let them do a little learning while we are at it.

So left over Abeka mini alphabet flashcards were soon taped to the wall, so that they could see each letter.  “D” had a melt down.  For most of the flashcards, they stayed up, but I do have a couple that have fallen.  I guess 2 sided tape doesn’t work well on concrete coated walls.  I do have plans to put a large bulletin board in this spot in my kitchen.  I hope it will act as a sound absorber. The unfortunate of a concrete home with concrete coating on walls and ceilings is that everything is loud.  And with 3 small kids, I mean it is loud.

By the way, this activity gave me about 2-3 hours of entertainment and the wall was cleaned off by dinner.


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  1. This is a fun four year old would love it. I haven't done this with the other five. Thanks for sharing...I will try this out.