Thursday, April 29, 2010

Laundry helpers


Is there a minimum age for laundry?  This is always a well dialoged topic among friends.  This is my 5 1/2 yr old and my 2 yr old, helping me with laundry (generally known as, #1 and #3 within my blog).  I have enlisted fulltime help from them on this job, since in these latter days, I can no longer bend over to get the things in and out of the machine.  So the two of them have been most helpful, along with my son, #2. 

Now let, this Momma have a little pride.  #1 can load the machine and put the detergent in, all by herself!  And she loads the dryer and turns it on also!  This is really, her daddy’s training.  I personally would have never thought to teach her that so early, but he did.  Now this is not something she does everyday or once a week.  But ohh, what a pleasant surprise, when I have asked here to put the basket from the bathroom into the washing machine (especially the days, I did not have to ask 400 times) and to walk out there 20 minutes later to start the machine and realize it is already going.  Better than any Hallmark card!

A little background on my “laundry room”.  I do not have one.  We moved into this house and in the garage was a washing machine hook up in a kinda bathroom set up and the dryer was on another side of a wall that separated the bathroom from the garage.  With this marvelous accommodations, I also received the original double washing tubs.  Like I have said before, my house was built in 1952, we bought it from the 2nd owner, who had lived here for 52 years.  So the “laundry room” was an afterthought.

My washing machine and dryer sits on the back porch (screened in) with the constant shuffle of toys from under my feet.  I enjoy it much better.  At one point, we “temporarily” had them in the kitchen.  I say temp, because my husband considers 3 years temporary to have gone through the trouble of putting them there, to only move them later.  Even though, he only extended the pipes through the wall to get them through the porch.  We have much discussions on “temporary”.

Little things I do want to point out.  See the white 5 gallon bucket, that is my homemade laundry detergent.  Behind the white vinegar, is my 2 year old bottle of ALL that I refill with my homemade brew.

I hope this picture gives you the feeling of comfort in your own laundry room.  Atleast my girls have me a bit more comfortable with their love.


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