Monday, April 26, 2010


I heard a little bit about Food, Inc from some friends, but I did not give it much mind.  I happened to catch the show midstream on TV.  I just found a link to the show, so you can watch it from your computer.

I will say, after first viewing this.  Our food shopping will take a new focus.  My previous focus was cheap!  After watching, the utmost desire of cheap is what has helped drive our food production to where it is.  I will take less options, but true food.  I am willing to buy less, I already do, and cook from scratch.  This will be a slow process, but I believe we will be converted almost a 100% to decentralized food sources over the next year or two.

After watching, the strong need for this was awaken. My father died from non-hodgkin’s Lymphoma due to environmental exposure that he received earlier in his life.  His cancer first showed up in his early thirties and finally ended 6 months before turning 50.  Environmental factors that can cause his type of cancer is solvents, pesticides and herbicides, and agent orange.

As you watch, you can avoid many of the negative impacts by buying Organic.  Well, I am not about to take on that large investment, especially with this growing family of soon to be 4 children.  I do know, to limit the amount of NON-FOOD ingredients (all those ingredients that you can not pronounce), just cook from scratch.  And I like cooking from scratch, it is cheaper.  I have a great blog that has helped in a lot of bulk shopping/ cooking from scratch.

She has some amazing recipes.

Day by day, we will wean ourselves from all the prepackaged altered food and clean out our kitchen.  The first step will be meat.  No more meat buying from the groceries.  I plan to use a local butcher/slaughter house.  By directly from them or buy from a ranch to send there.  I also have a wonderful local seafood wholesale market.  So I know I will still be buying in bulk, on a large scale, if I can not find another family to go in with us.  So I will have to be diligent in tracking my inventory in my freezer.

I wanted to make sure that I could share this with you.  Please leave me a comment if you are having any of these same thoughts or not.


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  1. We watched this the other night. I cried and cried! I still haven't finished it, but ACK. I have already joined a CSA (which is organic, local, and actually really affordable!!). Im also working on cleaning out the freezer to make room for the local beef I just bought (organic, grassfed). It was also surprisingly affordable!

    Anyway, slowly but surely, like you. We're working on making positive changes. Oh and I can't wait to get my summer garden going, too!! :)