Monday, April 26, 2010

Sweet Treat Dinner!

Alright, at 9 1/2 months pregnant and exhausted and tired, dinner is getting a little relaxed around here.  So our dinner last night was in a huge thanks to my mom who went to IKEA the night before.  She brought us back 2 packages of their yummy, marvelous cinnamon rolls.  If you have never had one, you must make it a point to have one if you see the huge blue box.  I promise they are in the deli in the first floor, right at the door. So you would not have to go far in.


Now being a “good” mom, I could not just feed my children cinnamon rolls for dinner, so I added some baked apples.


I use an apple slicer toss them in the bowl that I sprayed.  I add butter or country crock, brown sugar, and cinnamon.  I put them in the microwave for about 8-10 minutes.  I do not cover them, but I bet they would be more like cracker barrel’s spiced apples if I did.  I would just pause and mix them several times.

My husband had a good laugh, he wanted to know how butter-sugared apples was the healthy part.  He has a point, but it gave me the warm and fuzzy feeling that I was adding a fruit/vegetable to the meal.


The rest of the story!

Well, it was not as if I had only given them sandwiches for lunch and then had this for dinner.  My lunch that I served was left-over fried chicken from Publix.  I made a chicken gravy and poured it over the top of the left-over fried chicken and put it in the oven to warm thoroughly.  I also made a pot of white rice and heated up the left –over green beans.  So We had smothered fried chicken over rice with green beans and dinner rolls.  All I had to make was the rice and gravy, the rest was left overs.  Oh, my husband was in happiness.  The perfect napping kind of food.


As I said, we have had a few relaxed meals, thanks to my wonderful husband.  We had a night of fried chicken from Publix (I used the opportunity to pick up a second box, just for the smothered fried chicken).  We had another night, that we did the big soft taco, hard taco, and bean burritos combo for $10.  We had these at the park by the river and it was a wonderful change.  So in these last 2 weeks, things are getting non-normal and yet, being cherished for their charm.


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