Saturday, April 17, 2010

All Flannel diapers

I hope I am not making you feel a little pooped.  I should be ending my series on clothe diapers soon.  If these topics are not for you, just hold on and I will be done nesting and move onto nursing, LOL! – Which, you probably will not care for either.  NO, I have a ton to talk about all the time.  So hopefully, I will be clear of other things to go back to other subjects.  Until then, ONTO DIAPERING!

I made the all flannel clothe diapers and they are lovely!


I did go girly!  I enjoyed the different flannels to make the outer layer.  These diapers are for the 10-22 lb baby and not the older ones, hence, they are girly.   I ended up creating them with 3 layers and the terry clothe (old towel) absorption layer.  I have not added velcro, because quite honestly, I am not sure how big.  For the moment I am planning to leave them pin-able.  I figured I can go back to put the velcro on later.

I plan to make these all in one diapers.  After realizing, that I can make 6 diapers in a day with company visiting for half of it, 2 loads of laundry, and the rest of my chores, i.e., cutting out during the morning learning shows and sewing during the naps.  I plan to make them all –in-one diapers, instead of trying to just change inserts.  I figured I might get my stash to 20-30 diapers with the inserts.

We will see how time is.  I should have about a month before my disposable stash is outgrown or dissolved.


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