Saturday, April 17, 2010

Days shy of 37 weeks


Well, I will be 37 weeks on Monday.  I went to my last appointment, this past Wednesday and found out I was already 50% effaced.   Alright!  I am excited to have a baby that is not going to make me wait too long to see her.  This is so far the quickest that I have progressed for birth.  The last one I was induced and had not dilated or effaced by 39 weeks.

I am keeping up my normal routine, with the exception of not running to the phone when it rings and staying home for the most part.  At home, I am still in full mode, laundry, cooking, picking up here and there, and sewing.

Well, I am hitting the point of being uncomfortable.  This morning the belly is miserable.  Tight all over, pressure, but no contractions yet.  I have only naturally started birth with my first one, my other 2 were induced.

So in many ways, this is still a raw experience, untamed by the multitude.  My experience with the first was Miserably uncomfortable around my back and at my belly button.  What is now known to me as pre-labor contractions with back labor. 

I still remember at the time, sitting at my desk at work wanting to cry, because I just did not feel good/right and no idea why.  I have to laugh, because just understanding what was going on, would have stopped my whining (somewhat).  I had no idea, I was a newbie and I was unsure of it all.  Now, it is a little laugh, my eyes closed, and I quietly breathe.  Knowing each bit of pre-labor contraction is a sign of it coming.  Well I finished that day of pre-labor at the Dr office, saying what is going on, am I in labor?

My answer, ”NO!  Honey, you will know when you are in labor and there will not be a hint of smile on your face.”  (Can you believe after that I still stuck with him all these years and babies!)  I love my doctor even when I am chastised and boy does he have to get onto me now and then.  SO he sent me home, said relax and start your maternity leave today.

That was not much fun!  We had just moved into our first home and everything was in boxes through out the entire house with just a path.  All I had was a glider, a phone, and the mindset that I was too pregnant to do a thing.  Now that is one I have to laugh at now.  So I called every girlfriend I had, to catch up on and spent the day running my mouth.  BY the way, that first home was in the middle of no where.  Look on a Florida map and find the location that has the least amount of roads per square inch and that was where I was at.  It was an hour to WALMART and at least 30 minutes to town for the grocery store.

I couldn’t take it by 3 pm, I was off to my moms.  An hour drive down 1 road.  SO her and I went to a scrapbook class.  Me, being the miserable daughter I know how to be from time to time, taunted her that if she wasn’t nice I would have this baby tonight and not go to my baby shower the next day.  I am sure at the time, the only thing she was doing wrong, was stealing a little of the spotlight from this all about me, soon to be new-mom.

So we ended the evening and I made the long drive home about 10 pm.  That entire day, I felt fine and had no lingering symptoms of the day before.  So no big deal.  Until just after midnight, for the ritual pee journey.  I waddled out of bed, stood up and swish!  I thought I had peed myself and would have left it at that, except I then sat down and went pee.   Being the clever first time prego I was, I realized that if I had peed myself, then I shouldn’t have to still go pee. DING, DING, DING!

Woke the honey, took a shower, and excitedly headed to the hospital 1 1/2 hrs away.  Hence, contractions had not started yet.  Oh, the contractions did start about 20 minutes into the ride and they were BAD!  I was having back labor.  Oh, And I did not take a single birthing class or watch a single movie.  (Too much effort to have the energy after work to deal with any of that.)  So I am screaming.  Note to newbies, the Triage Nurses do not deal well with screamers, especially when you are only 1/2 cm dilated at 2 am.  I was told to go home, Me no way, not without my drugs!  So I was sent to walk.  I hollered through that hospital lobby for almost 4 hours, That was when I made it to 3 whole cm.  I think they fudged it to get me out of there!

After that, 3 hours later, my first born was here.  I am skipping that excitement.  My attitude only got better and I believe my mom left there shaking with fear and shock at the beast that can really come out from my inner-self.  And of course, I did not make the baby shower.

So here I am on baby #4.  Knowing that all cramping and discomfort are a good thing.  Anxiously waiting for a bloody show, and comforting myself that it could happen when My water breaks.  Really, lets just get this show on the road and reminding myself that it still can be next week before it happens.  I am ready for it to happen NOW!  but I am wanting to be patient.

I will have to see where the day brings me.

Take care, and hope for a few good contractions for me.



  1. You crack me up!! I don't think I ever heard the story of Katie's birth. She is a sweetie and worth all of those painful contractions!! I can't wait for Addy to get here!! Janelle