Saturday, April 17, 2010

More home made diapers, size large

Like I said earlier, I need bigger diapers.  So I made some.


This is completed with velcro straps.

Isn’t it cute, being modeled by #3.

 DSC06079 DSC06078

Here are a few pictures I took, as I made this pattern.

DSC06072 These are the measurements from my purchased 22-45 lb diapers.


This is what my pattern looks like.  After the fact, I brought the corner down an inch before connecting to the crouch points.  I did this so that I don’t have a point at the top.  I found this helps with the hem at the top, but is not mandatory. Here is a better view.



What I do want to show you is the vinyl after washing.  I am a bit disappointed in it.  The one on the right has been washed in my white/whites Hot cycle, because this is the best cycle for me to wash diapers.  This is not the best cycle for vinyl. Live and learn.  The Vinyl is still attached at all the seams, but it is no longer fused with the fabric.  In all aspects, it works AND my daughter wears it comfortably, but I do not like the look or the sound.


So I decided in this adventure, I am doing all flannel and no leak barrier, WOW am I brave.  I am going to get a good microfiber insert and learn to be aware of dampness.


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  1. There is a website that sells the PUL fabric to go on the outside of your diapers--it's the fabric that is waterproof. It's just plain but it does the job!

    You may not be making anymore diapers, but thought I'd pass on the site just in case. :) I am hoping to order some and make some myself soon. I don't sew though but thought I'd give it a try. LOL