Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Toy Story – Jessie pants!

I was asked to help out making some jeans from Goodwill into a pair of Jessie pants.  Ohh, of course I hijacked the entire project!  Well first, I needed to know what Jessie looked like.


From there!  I got the iron out with the rotary cutter, and the sewing machine.  The details I wanted to get was the white fray on the bottom and black trim, another image had shown more black trim.  So with plenty of wonder-under, black bias tape, and white ribbon I created:



Sorry about the double picture.  I added silver studding, mostly because I had it to use.  I am slightly embarrassed to say, that these are from my super cool western days in high school, when I was the queen of the FFA!  My husband only laughed hysterically at me.  Oh well, a decade later, they are in use again.  I also added a star at on the back pockets.

I did give a few stitches at the bottom and across the top.  I hind sight, I would have cut the seam and stitched the whole thing together.


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