Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Angry Prego Strikes Anarchy to the clothes designers!

I can’t take it anymore!  Six years ago the clothes I had were for the most part perfect.  Thanks to the wonderful desire of generosity and sharing, I literally had some one take of with a large collection of the best clothes I had.  Especially, the full panel pants that were only in the belly section. 

No all the designers want these low-riders, no elastic pants.  Well, is it that I have gotten older or is it that I am on my fourth pregnancy that has caused my butt and hips to form one uniform shape, that creates no indention for my clothes to hold onto?  So with the way the clothes are now, you better have an indention at the hips and no pressure under the belly.  Well, I have no indention and a ton of pressure at the bladder so I live with constantly pulling and tugging at my clothes.

Ahhh!  I hate it.  My clothes are pulling at my undies.  I am going crazy!  So I gave up.  Looked through the fabric I just received from a friend and found something pleasant or peasant, as a test run.  Well, here was what I came up with.  I felt a little bit of little house on the prairie.  The shirt fitting under the tummy took the illusion of muumuu dress away. Also, I did pair it up with camisole sweater to give it some shape.

DSC05889 I will say this is first thing in the morning and at my age and this pregnancy, I do not wake up as fresh as a spring chicken anymore.  I am at 33 weeks, so just pass the 8 month mark.  Well I wasn’t sure about how it looked, but I gave it a whirl for the day.  At the end of the day, wow!  How nice was it to not have to tug and pull at my pants all day or try to discreetly fix my undies as my pants make them creep down.

This is a dark color for me.  I am considering tie-dyeing it with bleach.  I am hoping to get a more bohemian feel to it.  I made it a bit larger than my tummy, since I will get a lot bigger in the coming weeks.  I also have plans to take in the elastic after the baby.

So at the end of the day, I made another skirt for tomorrow.  A different look and style altogether.  You will have to wait until later to see it.


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