Thursday, March 25, 2010

3/25/10 Winn-Dixie Shopping – spent $50.78

Now I was lured in with the Easter Dinner deal, where you buy a ham and get for FREE: country crock mac and cheese, ice cream, Hawaiian sweet rolls, and 2-liter of coke.  Now there are weeks, I do not go to Winn-Dixie, but when they do the meals I cannot miss out on them! 

So I went in with a plan and my coupons in hand.  Well, things went crazy in there.  I bought things, that I hadn’t planned on, WHY?  Manufacturers coupons on the items that were on SALE!


So I got my free meal as planned with the 10 pound ham.  I got hot dog buns and hamburger buns for our gathering this Sunday at $1 each, this is comparable to Sam’s club prices. 

Super deals!

Sandies! 10 packages!  They were BOGO $3.99 with $2/2 coupon on the package.  I spent $1 each.

Emeralds Peanuts! 5 containers! 1/2 off sale at $1.64 with $1 off coupon on each one.  I spent $ 0.64 each.

Town House Crackers! 6 boxes. BOGO $3.99 with $2/2 coupon on the box.  I spent $1 each

Betty Crocker Icing! 8 tubs.  Sale $0.99.  On these flavors had $0.25 off coupon. I spent $0.74 each.


Now on my coupons!  I had a $10 of $50, so my goal was to reach $50.  I spent $50.78 ( No TAX to the TAX MAN!). 

I had $92.75 saved by the sales and $25.40 in coupons, I saved a total of $118.15!



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