Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pizza Bunnies!

So sometimes in motherhood we have compensate for being a poor-have it together kinda mom.  Well, tomorrow will bring the light that #1’s mom didn’t get her pizza money in for the month.  So while my child is eating her bento lunch, the other children will be enjoying the restaurant bought pizza.  What can a mom do?

Well, make her lunch better than theirs!  So what is better than a delivery cheese pizza, a bunny cheese pizza.


Now I will have a total of 12 little bunny pizzas for a cost of $1 or 2.  Nothing extravagant to make them.  I used packet of dough mix, my free tomato sauce, italian seasoning, and cheddar cheese.  I did used cake decorating gel to make the eyes, nose and mouth; they are kids, they won’t care about the gel being on a pizza.

DSC05764 Here are my ingredients.  I think all 12 bunnies took a total of 1 1/2 – 2 cups of cheddar cheese.

Now, I do not expect her to eat all 12 bunnies tomorrow.  I am going to freeze them and hope 4-6 lunches out of them.  If it works, I will have paid less than 50 cents a pizza for each lunch, which is half the price of the delivered pizza.

I now actually day dream about how to make her food different with minimal effort on preparing.  I am doing some reading on sushi rice molds and wonder if I can create something marvelous from yellow rice and vegetables, a favorite in our home.  I also seen a great picture on flicker’s Laptop Lunch group that showed a cheese Quesada sliced into slicks a great idea for meal there.  I could get 2 lunches out of it.

Well, I will keep thinking of more food.

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