Monday, March 29, 2010

My Backyard Chickies!


This is our third set of chicks.  We got our first set last year and then one of hens had a few more.  Well free range does not always work out well, especially when your neighbor gives them away for you.  So now we down to one hen left, Big Bird.  Well Big Bird makes it between the neighbors and our house.  We feed her and they get the eggs. 

Well, I am not sure if this is working for us and I would hate to have them give her away on us, so I needed to entice her back to the coop.  Now I will admit, my coop needs some rehab.  I took a design I had seen from a local ministry seed bank and put it to work in my yard.  Well, a few flaws, I do not have a laying hen house or a place for them to scratch.  So I have a few ideas how to make the corrections thanks to

Thankfully, our local 4H club is selling baby chicks at the feed store down the road.  So we loaded up and went to get 2, to help bring Big Bird to the coop.  Well, we got there and they just had sold the last ones.  Lucky for us, the gal called to bring more up, so we hung around until they got there.  Well, 2 turned into 6! #2 and I could not help ourselves, we liked the yellow ones, black ones, and the turkins. 

For now, we have them on the porch with a light.  The chicks will be here for about the next 2 months.  I was hoping for older ones so I would not have this part of chickens, but the benefit is, they will be very tame chicks.  Especially with all the attention they are getting, below is  #3’s hand of love to them.  She has already been banded to “love” them without supervision.  She has fed them cookies and had to know what poop feels like. 


In about 6 months, I should get to boast that my pets make my breakfast.


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