Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Bento #4


Two girls will be going to school tomorrow.  I had to change it up, so no little sammies, I did layered ritz, cheese, and bologna.    I found the tiny little iced oatmeal cookies at the day Old Bread store.  A Peep Bunny on the raisins and sliced apples.

To keep the apples from browning, I actually keep a container of lemon juice and water, so when I slice the apples, I put them right into the container.  Doing this, works  well, since I do not use an entire apple.  So tomorrow night, I may not need to slice any more apples, unless another child finds them and eats them by then.


As for Bento #3, it came home a mess.  According to the daughter, she did not have enough time to eat.  For that fact, neither did she have enough time to put the lid on the container.  all those juicy left-overs was all the inside of her lunch box, huge yuk!  The tomatoes have lost some of their appeal to be the first thing to eat, so I am giving them the day off.  She did leave me a couple of fluffernutter stars.

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