Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bento 12 & 13


Remaining cheese Quesada with cherry tomatoes, frosted animal cookies, raisins, and 3 swedish fish swimming across the lunch.  A little background on what I figure to be my actual lunch cost for her meals is less than $1 a day. 

The pink frosted animal cookies are a bag from the day old bread store that I bought for about $ 1.25.  All of these cookies you have seen in the lunches are from the same bag and also the few that are stolen from the bag randomly though out the day by all others.  I like to buy bags of small cookies because 3-4 cookies at that size is the perfect portion.

The swedish fish that swim in now and then are from the same box from the Dollar Tree.  I still have about half a dozen left.  I buy a couple of packages of the jelly type treats to help break up the lunches.  Although, the worms had My son “the bird” attack and have been completely demolished.  I do have 1 more secret stash of gummies!


Mini Sammies, tomatoes, strawberries, watermelons, a oreo (walmart brand), and gummy worms.  This is thanks to the produce man.  I picked up a flat of strawberries and a watermelon, so they made an appearance at lunch.  Everything was eaten, but the gummies.  #1 complained that they were too sweet.  I usually will not add my hubby’s beloved generic oreos, but I was afraid with the vast amount of produce there would be no staying power in their tummies.  I am sure you have experienced the 2 hours after a salad, you are hungry for more.  So the cookie was to help keep them filled.

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