Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Bento 14 – Pizza Day!

This is the last of my bunny pizza, I will have to make more.  This is not my typical, but the bunny’s cried for change.  I filled the box with pizza and strawberries.  I added a go-gurt and a few m&m’s.  Any complaints? YES!  She was not happy that the go-gurt and the m&m’s were not IN the box!  What kind of monster did I create?  It came back empty!  She ate it all, but apparently presentation and containment is an important factor at the VPK lunch table.  Who would have thought?
I did want to show the typical drinks with her lunch.  I have an old baby bottle (5oz) for her juice and then I give her a water bottle.  I give her the water bottle as a just in case measure of if she is still thirsty.  I feel like she has enough produce that she really doesn’t need the juice, but it is keeping up with the lunches.  My #1 actually prefers water over soda.  The other 2 will steal my soda in a heart beat.

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