Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bento 10 & 11

Cheese Quesada strips, tomatoes, jell-o, cookies, raisins, and 1/3 fruit roll-up. – Ate everything.
Fluffernutters, tomatoes, cookies, raisins, and gummy worms.  I cut the sammies into butterfly for the oldest, 2 – year old just got it with the crust off.  Dealing with the time change, my energy is slightly less.  - Both eat everything.
Yogurt has now been requested.  Thankfully, I picked up go-gurts or something like that in the tube and froze them.  I think I got them for about $0.80 a box.  So I am ready for yogurt in the lunch. 
Got to keep up at the lunch table.  This effort is all in keeping the total amount spent at the end of the week down.  So campaigning to keep her lunch box happy for her eyes is just my way of keeping those hot lunches out of her desire.  And my money in my pocket.

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