Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Another bento!


Here is my 3rd bento.  It contains star fluffernutters (fluff and peanut butter) sandwiches.  The marshmallow bunny is laying on the raisins.  Diced apples are making an appearance, upon special request from #1.  I did dice  the apples and soaked them in lemon water to keep them from browning.  And of course, the child’s favorite  halved cherry tomatoes.

I did just pick-up the silicone baking cups from Jo-Ann’s, they were 30% off of the $9.99.  I also want to pick up the mini Easter cookie cutters that I just seen.  I figured more options for these beloved mini sandwiches.  I am ranking on the awesome mommy list around the lunch table.  The daily discussion is “how does your mommy make little people sandwiches?”  Of course my daughter loves the curiosity, so her response is a smile as she bites the little heads off.  Got to love it!

Bento #2 was loved, except for the carrots.  Hmm, I thought with the way they chow hounded them down at dinner, the daughters would have loved them.  #1 said the carrots had too much sugar, hmm, too much sugar.  I thought children were immune to too much sugar.

Bento lunches are definitely working well!  The effort is getting easier and not much more time than a tradition lunch, if not less.   Unlike  a traditional lunch, I do not have to get a bunch of zip-lock bags of several containers.  SO 2 thumbs up!

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