Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Pregnancy Update – week 28/29

I am so sorry not have shared more with you on this pregnancy. So half a pregnancy later here is how it is going!

I am counting the days down to be finished.  I have had multiple sinus infections and ended up with a tooth infection that kept me miserable and in tears for almost 2 weeks.  It is exhausting and the positive thinking is out the door and is not invited back.  I feel like a wore out thirty something chasing 3 small children as I huff and puff because I can’t catch my breathe.  If I am breathing hard, it probably means that I repositioned myself in my seat.

I can easily say this is the most wearing of all pregnancies.  I  just don’t have it, to do this every day.  I have never been in my third trimester and had the defiance of a 2 year old to physically challenge me at every corner.  I thought I could take them to the park until I realized I couldn’t catch them.  Thank the Lord for another mother to grab #3 from being hit  by someone on a swing, I was waddling as fast as I could.

To my amazement, I am relatively small being my 4th go around.  It seems like she, yes another girl, is hoisted in my lungs and bouncing on my bladder.  So everything, more than a pregnancy typically is, makes me pee.  Her being in my lungs makes an movement breathtaking.  I have already gained about 25 pounds.  I will blame this on my love  to crop.  The last bulk gain came after a 3 day swarm where I sat for 3 straight days and fed every 2 hours. Hmm.

I do have one advantage over those new to be moms.  I may be dragging my purse on the ground as I am screaming for my kids, but they have the unchallenged arms of motherhood.  My 3 children give me my effortless sculpted arms that make most woman burn with envy, even when I am carrying an extra 25 pounds.  Yah, you new moms, you don’t have children wearing you down, and wore out saggy boobs from breast feed, not one to chase and change and feed and put earplugs in to keep your sanity, but I have great looking arms to your flabby ones. I don’t lift weights or go to the gym, No MAMM!  I got kids and lots of ‘em!  Alright I am out of breathe getting on my soap box.  I will probably update you when I am complaining in the last few weeks that I just can’t take it anymore.

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