Thursday, February 18, 2010

Cricuting my paper away!

I made the decision just last week that it is time to go digital with my scrapbooking.  This came to me as I realized that my scrapbooking supplies took up 4-5 times the room of my own wardrobe (ah ah – confirms that you are the reason for the clutter, signed your husband).  Not that, that was the most pressing reason, but having so much of it in different  locations through out the house made putting a page together difficult.  I could never make it to a crop with the pictures, paper, cricut, embellishments, and stamps.  Oh, not to forget ink  for distressing.  Well, then, 7-8 bags later for a 4 hour event, hmm, can we say I spent more time packing and unpacking.  At this rate, I will never catch up to all my pictures, unless I took the next 4 years off from taking pictures.  Not very reasonable.

There are several options for a digital program.  I am loading the Creative Memories Storybook Creator.  They have free downloads each quarter and great add on backgrounds and embellishments.  Plus they have specials on printing through out the year.  I am patient enough.  Hopefully, I will be able to progress through our memories and have all the prettiness to go with it. 

So I have all this stuff, what ever shall I do?  Well, my girls will soon begin their own creations in their 4H club.  Also, with the first just starting school, there is also helping the teachers with my super awesome cricut.  So I have been scratching my head and thought that was that.  BUT THEN I SAW THIS!

Check out her blog:

So I am all excited about making these albums.  She has a ton of different books that will knock your socks off.  So I started on my first book this morning about 6:30 am.  Nothing like an early start.  Alright, I am not excited to wake up before needed, I had to do a glucose test for the third trimester kick off.  So to avoid dragging the kids to an hour long event, I high tailed it out to let my honey enjoy the morning round up. (He flunked, late and ill dressed, must make him practice more often.)  So having an hour to kill, I took my gypsy.  Learned a few new techniques and was wanting more cartridges.

It was like the big green cricut knew my desire! I just found a set of cartridges they are going to release, I am in love!

The first that I REALLY want:

Cricut® Once Upon a Princess Cartridge

I am going to have 3 girls.  I think this would be a necessity, right? Ohhh, the tea party!  The paper dolls and the dress up possibility.  The crowns and wands.  The castle.  I even think there is a purse. I just love it.

Next is!

Cricut® Preserves Cartridge

I love it, because well I am a fruit basket and I have no shame.  I keep thinking of a recipe book with these.  Better yet, fabric appliqués.  Making a set of dish towels.  Love it. 

So the truth moves on, after acquiring the relatively inexpensive pieces of scrapbooking, I want to move on to more expensive toys.  The initial expense of digital software, although you can use the “digital paper” over and over.  Can’t do that with a paper pack!  Then there is always the love of  new cartridges.  And of course to make an awesome book like the Bug Junkie, I need a deep blade, while I am at it a new mat.  But hey, They do take up less space and eventually I will be having less of it.

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