Monday, February 22, 2010

Getting Digital into the morning.

I wanted to give you a play by play of going digital.  First off, I love it!  It has been on my computer now for 3 days.  And I have been on it everyday.  I think I might just start traveling with computer in tow.  So Friday, I got the software on with all the bells and whistles.  I loaded the Creative Memories Storybook creator 3.0, I spent the money and got the bigger package that they offer.  It is truly a deal, I got a lot of great packages and a coupon for printing.  Took me about 2 hours, because we couldn’t stop running our mouths.  I did not use it again.

Saturday, I bought more packages online for the creator.  Alright, this was when I got really excited.  I was able to point and click and add power pallettes for about $10.  Now my big shocker is that I loved the CM paper but I didn’t like the cost and once I used it, it was gone.  Well, now I am spending less and I can use it over again.  So cropped from 10am to 6pm.  I did almost an entire book of 22 pages on my first go around.  I was in the zone.

Well, that night I called my BFF consultant and asked some specific how tos and can I’s and she then pointed me to a webinar online.  So after church today, I watched 2 webinars.  Then I was a-ha on laying things out and changing things.  So I decided at 7:30 to start the book over.  I am not obsessed, noooo.  I just want it awesome.  I do want to show you one page from it.  I am doing a weekend at the lake from last summer.  I am so excited to keep learning about this program.

2009 Howards Lake Placid - Page 009 Do you love all the doodles on it?  I found out that you can take any embellishment and turn it into a stamp and change its color.  In fact this is a predesigned page, free from the free downloads, that I replaced the other images and paper to reflect my book.  The original page was from the FOR HER pallette.  The very top of the page is stamped leaves? that I filled with a paper background.

So far, into my almost 12 hours of experience I am finding I like to have all my pictures sorted by time and have only the best of what I want to work with downloaded into the project.  From there, I use a blank page and throw the pictures into each page as I want them with the picture file set to “show only pictures not used”  this way I don’t have repeaters and I do not miss any.  Once I have all the pics put into my pages, then I am going page by page changing the layouts and setting the pages.  This page maybe took me 15-20 minutes.  I am still learning my inventory.

I just wanted to share this with you!

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