Monday, February 22, 2010

Birthday cake

I try to go all out for making a birthday cake for my kids.  In the past I have made a castle, a train, a fish, and of course I have bought a few.  The ones that are remembered are the ones I make.  So the party I had for my 2 year old was on Friday at 6 pm and Friday about 5 am was when I figured out how to make it interesting.  Nothing like the last minute.  I was feeding 30 people, so I needed to boxes of mix and 2 frostings.  No clever design in the shape, but volia!


DSC06330This is the best picture that I have.  You have got to love my belly in the way.  I must obviously be in my third trimester with it that round.  So I took 2 confetti cake mixes and dyed on neon green and the other pink.  layered them alternating with neon blue frosting.  Then did the outside  in purple frosting.  I found glitter gel stuff at wal-mart and did the number on the top.  Cake fed 30 people for about $10.


Here is the fish I did for my daughters birthday, this last fall.  I did 4 round cakes cut one up to form the fins.  I iced it chocolate and used m&ms.  There was some bickering between my honey and me, since I made him sort the m&ms by color.  And yes, again I was finishing as guest arrived.  Hey, being a mom of 3, soon 4 is rough on the schedule.


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