Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Organizing Day 2 - Still laundry?

Really? Is it the fact that it is 5 of us? Or I am the only one in this effort, but yes, I am still sorting laundry! Yes, I think having 31 days in for organizing is a realistic goal to reach by the end of March.
I did have a new years revolation! The house is crazy because I can not stay home. I am running a kid to pre-school to turn around in 3 hours to pick her up, while toting 2 tots and exhaustedly prego. So in that 3 hour time, I might try and get groceries or really, I have no idea what happpens in those three hours, but in the end I am exhusted. Get home, lunch, man I got to take a rest, start dinner, where did my day go! No wonder the house is a constant wreck.
So my best effort is to minimize, so that the wrecking crew has less to wreck and the clean up crew (i.e., me) has less to fix. Sounds like a plan. Alright my official list of Organizing Day 2 is:
1. Sort the remaining laundry, me and my husband's clothes.
2. Put the rest of it away.
3. Drop off donations.
What is a hopeful gesture of getting things done! I also would love to get
4. Thin our collection of books and donate those also.
Might happen the day of organizing.
Good luck to the rest of you. I hope to start creating soon enough, once things are cleaned out!

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