Saturday, January 2, 2010

Organizing Day 1.5 - LAUNDRY!

Ahh, I hate laundry. Alright, I am not done yet! I ended my crusade at 12:30 am after that wonderful Sugar bowl game! I had one load in the washer and 1 still to start. And it still left at that. I made not attempt at it today. And it will be okay!

Now I did accomplish! TWO!!!!! Yard bags full of clothes to be gone from my house forever. Kids drawers organized and clothes put away. All things sorted. I have mine and my hubbies to take care of. I hope tomorrow will be DAY 2.

My hopes of Day 2 will be:
1. Convert/Organize a small closet in the kids room into a diaper space and a spot for the linens. A full explanation of why it has no clothes in it, will follow later.

2. Have all laundry put in its designated place.

3. Have give away bags out of my house.

I have to keep in stride not to overwhelm myself with the task at hand and to keep my task accomplishable in the time limit I set, THAT DAY!

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