Friday, January 1, 2010

Organizing Day 1 - the laundry

friday, January 1st, 2010

This is my attempt to start the organization crusade!

Let me clarify a few terms. Sort is the the general term to what in the world is it and group those insane like items together, i.e., oh, #1's clothes, #2, #3. or dolls together etc. Sift is my term for trash, donate, keep or resuse in another way. Before I sift, I want to sort to see what the entire contents of my daughters clothes before I get rid of it.

Day 1 is laundry. I know this is a common complaint. Being in my tiny house, it is something that easily gets out of control. Here is todays method.

1. clean and sort all laundry. of course this is taking place in the middle of the living room. something i would not dare to do, if all of my family was here.

2. gather each childs clothes and sift. when i say gather, i am pulling from the drawers and the corners of the room, you name it. I am finding every stitch so i can adequately make the decision on what stays and what goes. i am only doing one child at a time. could you imagine?

3. get all of the community stuff put away today before the eyes shut. no brainer right? but well i am already exhausted. in most cases i would have it all put away, but lets set some reasonable goals.

4. always sifting during the process, like those pairs of shoes that are no longer being worn.

Now here ismy delima. how much is enough. Especially for a 5, 3 1/2, and almost 2? My girlfriend always tries to instill in me less is better. But how much is enough. 3 pairs of everything? play clothes from good clothes. now of course, the preschooer needs more good clothes than the stay at homers. ahh, I will find out.

Will hopefully post highights.

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