Friday, January 1, 2010

31 days of organizing!

I am taking Molly's challenge at Econobusters! I am going to get things straight with 31 days worth of work. Alright, I do not have any plans of doing it 31 days straight! I got thing to do! You can check her out at:

Day 1
I am sorting clothes! Ahh, this is my most hated task for so many reasons. Even having clothing of every size for my ever shrinking and growing body, I only make up a tenth of the clothes in the house. Now having 3 kids and another on the way, there is so much I hold on. BUT the culprit is my husband! He has not changed a size since middle school and he still has those clothes. He blows my mind! He refuses to get rid of anything.

I have the weekend with out him and 2 of the kids. I hope to have clothes sorted, and donated. I want the toys contained and sifted through. But it is only ever growing me at 5 months prego and can hardly breathe when I bend down with the tornado 2 year old. Wish me the best!

I did get 2 containers from Ikea yesterday! Since speaking with you last, I got a new corner kitchen bench table that has opened my kitchen and given me room to breath again. I have storage compartments in the seats, so I wanted to take advantage of them. I decide not to put any dishes and towels there, since a drink spilling would flow down to it, so I thought some of the toys would do good.

Here are my 3 compartment containers for 3.99 from ikea. I have playdough and benderoos in them. I will eventually make homemade playdough, but the container will hold the tools.
I like that it fits in the chair. This now gives it a home and hopefully stops it from ending up all over the house. One can only hope.
I do want to say, I am so sorry for being so distant. I had the misery of a tooth ache for 2 months that has just now ended. I am much better, but between being prego and 3 kids, holy-days, and life I just did not have a chance to check in with you. I have a lot of goals this year. I hope to have a few resolutions on paper to carry with me through the rest of my life. I have worked on a few things and have found a few new passions for my what spare time.
I have falling in love with refashioning. I will send some links soon. I have converted a husband shirt into a maternity. I am debating on taking a pledge to stop buying new and learning to wear refashioned clothing from the thrift our my closet. I wonder if I took the time to make an item, just as I really want it and made it fit just right, will it stop me from overwhelming me with things I do not wear. And will it keep everyone else's clothes to a minimum.
On to other news, we found out we are having our 3rd girl! What a house full! I hope by the fall to have a master bedroom, that is my luxurious name for a 3rd bedroom. Grins! I will report back with my success and failure today and let you know of tomorrow's goal.

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