Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Do I need to organize or unclutter?

After my last posting, a friend came over and helped me with 4 rooms to declutter. WOW! I am not sure if I need to organize or declutter to organize. So at the end of 2 hours, I had the entry way filled with stuff to go. Another 2 hours later and the house seemed as if it had a new life. This is when the realization kicked in that, it is not organizing I need, I need to get rid of STUFF!

How in the world do I have so much stuff? So in the past 2 weeks, we did make some more progress, but now I am down and out with a sinus infection AGAIN! But I did get an entire room emptied and put carpet in! So now the house it turned upside down.

I am realizing, instead of being worked up about organizing it all, I need to get a handle on what it is I need to keep in my house and what should go. AND MOST OF ALL GET IT THERE. I have a bad habit of throwing it to the side to get rid and never getting it out of the house. So my solute to organizing. I do want to show a few pics.

This my bathroom, uncluttered and organized to its first degree. The counters were cluttered. Background information, I am not a pink and white kinda gal, my house is mostly original to the previous owner who lived here since 1954. It will stay that way, room by room until I can make it otherwise. So I am working with what I got.
Yes, I do use the vanity as my changing table. I am sad and disappointed to say that I only discovered this marvelous use for it about 10 months ago. Until then I was doing the changing in the bedrooms and piling diapers up there, yuk!
So Here are my drawers, except my cocked eyed make up one. I used the top one for the my husband and I stuff only! I did use 2 shoe boxes and another container on hand to prevent it from looking like an out of control junk drawer.
Then I think another brillant idea came to me!
Put the diaper stuff in a drawer! Tadaa! The blue lid is actually my home made baby wipes container. I have the diapers to the side, I did put #4's diapers in as a place holder. (well left over from another kid, it was just to get me a bit excited to lug through the next 4 months). I have a divider in for the butt balm and such, in the back is my measuring cup and baby oil to make the wipes. Now I know you are seeing the duct tape, well we were having issues with a midnight streaker in the diaper department. We reduced the laundry amount by covering the tabs with duct tape. Otherwise, she would pull it off to hear the velcro noise.
Last drawer, is the hair stuff basket! ahhh! I
needed this for months. Every time it was time to do hair, it was a mad search for brushes and ties, now it is all together with the detangler and gel. I will side note, I am thankful I can put the detangler and hair gel here, in previous years, #2 would have coated his body in the hair gel. The remaining basket is the what nots.
To end the love of toothpaste eating by my youngest and to keep control of tooth brush clutter, I picked up these little holders from the Dollar General for $1 each. They are working very nicely.
So until next time, I am off with my garbage bag to get rid of, the organizing my be put on hold until a clean sweep is preformed. My rational is: clean sweep to easter, spring clean to July, and then organize to October, and finish the year by vasting in my glory with a beautiful holiday house.

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