Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dieting- Day one

2 post in one day! Oh I must be on a roll. Alright, I am back to dieting. Ugh! Anyway here is my dieting bio! I always faught with about 10 pounds through high school couldn't figure it out. Went to college and it tragically became 30-40 pounds and just could not get it off. Well I had no idea how to lose weight either. I thought spaghetti was diet food and the more you ate the better you were doing. hmm. So In 2002, I joined weight watchers and melted 35 pounds off in about 6 months. I was feeling marvelous. Well I am 3 kids later. Between #2 and #3 I got back down thanks to my trusty old weight watchers program. Well I have yo-yoed 10 pounds since #3. I have a total of 20 pounds to lose but I keep getting 10 pounds off and putting it back on.

I have tried low-carbing and I think that was my yo-yo. So I am reluntantly back to weight watchers TODAY is day one. I have been toying with the idea for months and just can't get myself to want to. But my girlfriends pool is getting me motivated. Why do they sell bikini's in big girl sizes, dummies like me will buy them, yuk! (this is my personal get crazy with myself brain wave, if you are happy in a size 16 bikini go for it, I just can not handle the handles over the bottoms.)

I am not going to any meetings, I am broke and not spending money in that way. I know what I have to do and have tons of stuff to do it with. I will drag you along on my journey and I would love the support of anyone else tagging along in your journey.

Just so you know, you can calculate points in your head without a scale:

total calories/50 calories + fat grams/12grams - fiber grams/5 grams = ww point

a great website for resturants

So I am targeting 25 daily points and I am in a goal to lose 20 pounds. Tomorrow I will post what I ate today. For now I will show you my secret weapon. ThE BASKET!

This is my, I GOT TO EAT!!!!<>

100 calorie snack packs. Each is 2 point. 100cal/50 cal = 2, fat is 2 grams, 2/12 = negligiable, fiber less than 1 gram- no help.

Motts apple sauce - 1point each 50 calories/50 cal = 1 point Fruit serving.

Pickles - GREAT Value brand 1 point for 5 pickles pickles are 10 calories each. Takes 5 pickles to get to 50 calories. Hey, I think this counts as a vegetable serving

Jolly Pop Popcorn! The best - 1.5 points for the entire bag!! 90 calories and 9 grams of fibwer in every serving. This is my big filler-upper for little points when I need to munch I eat this. Vegetable serving! Popcorn is corn is VEGETABLE.

Alright! Good Luck everyone. I will report back tomorrow. Oh Exercise. I have no time for exercise, maybe when I lose 5 pounds I will have ore desire.

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